How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card

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bluestacks without graphics card

Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card

There are a lot of methods of installing bluestacks without the graphics card but here we have used the most optimal and hassle-free option for you so please follow all the steps mentioned below.

Every android emulator user has one common question - how to install bluestacks without graphics card and most commonly I have seen people asking this question either have windows 7 or they don’t have any GPU to support bluestacks.

But today we’re going to install the bluestacks without graphics card.

There is no doubt bluestacks is one of the top-notch android emulators and there are many reasons why bluestacks is dominating the android emulator market from its android replicated user interface to the simple installation of apps and games.

To support all the awesome features bluestacks requires some external graphics cards and truth be told sometimes users also face many issues with bluestacks even after installing the external GPU hardware.

PC Requirements to Run Bluestacks Without Graphics Card

Bluestacks Without Graphics Card


Operating System 

Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 10


1 GB

Hard Disk Space

2 GB


Intel Pentium or Above

Internet Connection


How To Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card?

There are a lot of methods of installing bluestacks without the graphics card but here we have used the most optimal and hassle-free option for you so please follow all the steps mentioned below.

Download Bluestacks Old Version

bluestacks old version download

Download Bluestacks Old Version

To run the bluestacks on the previous versions of windows you need to download the offline version of the bluestacks that comes with all the necessary files.

You can download the previous version from the download button below.

Install the Previous Version of the Downloaded Bluestacks

After successfully downloading the offline version of bluestacks, it’s time for the installation. With an offline installer, you don’t need any active internet connection to fully install the bluestacks.

Turn-off the Bluestacks Update

Not updating the bluestacks is the most crucial part of the process. Each time you run the bluestacks software on your PC it will show you the update notification and here you have to decline the request if you update the software then it may not run on your pc due to the high graphics requirement.

Note - Bluestacks needs a license to be registered for further assistance and proper execution ( For Advanced Users Only ). Thus, make sure you also download the licensed version.

Download Bluestacks Old Version Without Graphics Card

If you’re a Windows 7 user or your PC doesn’t any external graphic card other than Intel’s integrated graphics card then it’s better to install an older version of bluestacks like bluestacks 2 or maybe bluestacks 3 because the latest version of bluestacks 4 requires some GPU power for the installation.

Fix Error 25000 or Updated Graphics Card Required

If you have successfully installed the bluestacks with the offline installer but at the time of booting up sometimes bluestacks through two most common errors.

Error 25000

You should delete everything that you have on your PC, related to bluestacks, and try installing it again. The error is due to the missing file. Reinstallation might help. Just keep these things in mind and you will be able to enjoy a completely new world of gaming and fun by downloading and installing bluestacks without a Graphics Card.

Updated Graphic Card Required

You will have to update your graphics drivers like the sound card or the video card. You can also get along with the installation without doing anything; In that case, there will be a few applications that will not run as they need high-quality graphics. There are just two solutions. Either Update your drivers or live without some applications and games.

Does bluestacks works without GPU?

Yes, bluestacks work without GPU if your processor supports integrated graphics. Usually, Intel processors come with some integrated GPU memory and the latest series of AMD Ryzen APUs also support bluestacks without an external graphics card.

You can check your PC graphic card memory with the steps mentioned below.

Run the DXDIAG Command

Press Windows + R  shortcut key to get the run command prompt, now you have to look for dxdiag and click on the Ok button or press enter key from your keyboard.

Run DXDIAG Command

Run DXDIAG Command

DirectX Diagnostic Tool 

Now you would be able to see the DirectX diagnostic tool on your screen, it may take a few moments to fully load up. 

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Now hover your mouse to the display tab to see the graphic memory VRAM of your computer.

Display VRAM Memory

Display VRAM Memory

This way you would be able to know your graphics memory of your computer if you can see the value of VRAM above then 1024 MB you can install the latest version of the bluestacks otherwise try with the older version of the bluestacks android emulator.

Can I run an emulator without a graphics card?

Yes, You can run an emulator without a graphics card, If you’re looking at bluestacks then you have to install the bluestacks 2 or 3 because bluestacks 4 minimum system requirements are high and it may require some external graphics card to run smoothly without any lag.

Although there are many other good alternatives to the bluestacks android emulator and these android emulators don't require any external graphic card for installation.

Does bluestacks use GPUs?

Yes, bluestacks use GPUs to run without any lag. If your PC doesn’t have any external graphics card then you should use the older version of the bluestacks offline installer.

Although a graphics card is not mandatory for installing bluestacks it is always recommended by the developers of the bluestacks for a smooth user experience and crisp image.

Android Emulator without Graphic Card

Many users faced a lot of installation issues with downloading and installing the bluestacks without the graphics card especially with windows 7 32 bit having 2 GB ram.

Sometimes having low RAM may also create the issue, But there are a lot of other android emulators for pc without graphic cards.

Android Emulator for Windows 7 Without Graphics Card

If you’re a Windows 7 user especially with the 32-bit operating system then you can download the other great alternative of the bluestacks. Here is the link to download the software.

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